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Vanessa Montorsi, Director of Pupil Services and Counseling ([email protected])

College & Career Center

College and Career Center: (203) 255-7230

Alice Gorman, (

Counseling Center

Counseling Center Direct Phone Number: (203) 255-7216


Mike Crane ([email protected].org)

Emily Gonzalez ([email protected])

School Social Workers:

Deb Deren ([email protected])

Carrie Holskin ([email protected])

Sarah Huleatt ([email protected])

Anna Martin ([email protected])

Student Assistant Counselor:

Tim Morris ([email protected])

Warner House

Warner House Counseling Direct Phone Number: (203) 255-7225






Paula Kotara ([email protected])

Danielle Marseglia ([email protected])

Courtenay Trahan ([email protected])

Wright House

Wright House Counseling Direct Phone Number: (203) 255-7242






Bridget McHugh ([email protected])

Allison Ofir ([email protected])

Matthew Sutton ([email protected])

Webster House

Webster House Counseling Direct Phone Number: (203) 255-7238






Christina Caron ([email protected])

Joanna Caserta ([email protected])

Brian Sutcliffe ([email protected])

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  • College

    Throughout the fall, representatives from almost 200 colleges/universities, technical/trade schools, gap year programs and the military services will come to FLHS and tell students about their programs.  The school counseling staff encourages juniors and seniors to attend these information sessions and learn about some of the opportunities that await them.

    For seniors, these sessions provide an opportunity to make a positive impression on the representatives who often review and recommend students for admission.  And for juniors who are just beginning the process, these visits are a wonderful way to start exploring their options.

    The College Visit Schedule is posted on Naviance (click here for instructions).  Please check the schedule  for schools, times and visit locations regularly as it is updated frequently in the fall.  The schools are listed in chronological order; to see them alphabetically, click the blue “College” heading at the top of the list.


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  • Scholarships

Scholarship Information – Each year a number of scholarships are made available to students. In an effort to help you take full advantage of these scholarships, we have put together a list. Scholarships are advertised on Naviance complete with links and downloadable applications when available. The Naviance link is located to the right. These notices will give students some basic information concerning scholarships offered annually. Students are advised to check Naviance on a weekly basis. It is very important that this list not be the only guide used to investigate scholarships.
For further information:

  • Contact the financial aid officers at colleges. Many times there are university scholarships available.
  • Use the resources of the College and Career Center including our own media center, to research possible scholarship opportunities.
  • Ask at your place of employment, church, or civic group about any scholarship opportunities.

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New Students/Grade 8

Counseling Center Resources

Mindfulness Resources

  • What is Mindfulness?

  • Jimmy Fallon: Watch Jimmy practice mindfulness here.

  • Inner Health Studio: free relaxation scripts to work on coping skills related to stress management, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, pain relief, and insomnia. The website also has relaxing imagery available for download.

  • Kelty Mental Health Resource Center: offers free mindfulness audio resources covering nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, and ways of healthy living. Doctors from BC Children’s Hospital offer their expertise and have recorded many of their own meditations.

  • Mindful Teachersmindful activities and teaching resources

Mindfulness Resources (Continued)

  • Mindfulness For Teens: designed specifically for teens to learn more about mindfulness. It features diverse youth voices, useful guided mediations, and even a blog that highlights different ways teens are engaging in mindfulness.

  • Relaxation Script For Teens: Click here.

  • UCLA Health Websitefree guided meditations that offer mindfulness meditation to both English and Spanish speakers. Examples include loving kindness meditations, body scans, and Spanish meditations for eating with more mindfulness.

  • Mindfulness Daily is a free mobile app that allows the user to create a mindfulness practice that only takes a few minutes every day. A few minutes in the morning, a short pause during the day, and a reflection in the evening can really help its users turn inward and pay more attention to what gives them pause.

  • Simply Yoga is a free mobile app that offers personal training for fast yoga workouts, poses, and exercises that can be done at home.


Student Status Question & Answer

I am a FLHS graduate and need to get a copy of my transcript, what do I do?

Is there a fee for transcripts?

  • There is no fee for transcript requests for current students or if you graduated within the year. Students who have already graduated will be charged a $3.75 fee.
Transfer Students

What is the process to transfer to FLHS? 

  • Please call central office to schedule an appointment at 203-255-8398. Once an appointment has been made and residency has been proved, a meeting will be scheduled with an FLHS counselor.

If my child was to transfer, what’s the timeline to do so? 

  • Students may transfer at any time.

If my child was to transfer, will his/her GPA carry over? 

  • Students who transfer to FLHS will receive credit for courses taken. Only courses taken at FLHS will be included in a student’s official GPA.
Current Students

Can I make teacher changes?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate teacher changes. If you are having difficulty in a class, we recommend speaking with your teacher or we can make an appointment and hold a teacher meeting.

Can I take extra classes in stead of a lunch period?

  • We are required by Connecticut state law to provide you with a lunch period, so you are unable to replace your lunch with a class.

How much time can I expect to complete work outside of class for certain courses? 

  • Click here for estimated times per course.

Where can I find each course syllabus? 

  • Click here for course information.

Where can I find scholarship information?

  • You can find scholarship information on Naviance.

How do I get my Naviance username and password?

  • If you have difficulty logging in, visit your school counseling office and we can reset your username/password.

What do I do if my family is moving?

  • If a family moves, the school counseling department in your house office needs to be notified.

How does my child sign up for the SAT or ACT?

  • You can sign up here for the SAT or ACT

Who do I call to report my child’s absence?

You need to contact the house office secretaries

  • Warner House – Mrs. Grumman 203-255-7223
  • Webster House – Mrs. Grella 203-255-7236
  • Wright House – Mrs. Palmieri 203-255-7240

What is the status regarding attendance requirements? 

How do I get in touch with my child’s teachers?

  • Click here to view the staff directory. You can email your child’s teachers from there.

What are the FLHS graduation requirements?

Are students allowed to graduate early?

  • Yes. Students must meet with their counselor to determine their eligibility based on credits and requirements.