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Dear parents,

During the week of November 12, we will be moving some of our classrooms from the “lower level” of the eastern side of the building to other spaces throughout Fairfield Ludlowe High School. This is the side closest to Roger Ludlowe Middle School. This decision comes as a precautionary move as we will be conducting some environmental testing in this part of the building.

Some of our staff who teach elective classes in this area of the school have reported experiencing discomfort when spending many hours in their workspaces. This area includes technology education and art classrooms as well as locker rooms and Physical Education offices. To ensure for everyone’s safety, the district has contracted with Woodard and Curran to conduct an environmental quality assessment to determine if the indoor air quality measures are satisfactory in this area of the building. Superintendent Mike Cummings and several district officials have been fully involved in these decisions.

While the testing occurs and the experts analyze the results, we will relocate the technology education and art courses to other spaces in the building. We feel it is important to exercise caution as we await the results of the testing. Since this is precautionary, we believe that students and staff can still safely access the area without any fear of immediate health effects. Students will still need to access the locker rooms to change for physical education class. Students will also be able to access the spaces necessary for athletic teams.

Even though these elective classrooms are specialized for the learning that occurs, we are taking the necessary steps to provide the teachers and students with the resources they need to teach and learn the curriculum.

We will not have a timeline for when the classrooms will return to their usual locations until we have the results of the testing. Testing will begin as early as Monday, November 11. The classroom moves will take place for students starting on November 12 or 13.

Thank you, and please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.


Greg Hatzis, Headmaster